Life. Saving.

Human plasma contains proteins and antibodies that help fight infections and diseases. Plasma donations are used to make therapies for men and women with life threatening serious illnesses.

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You can make a difference by donating your plasma to help others, while getting rewarded for time spent on each donation.

Donate Your Plasma and Get Rewarded

Donations at Kamada Plasma are made through a safe, simple, automated procedure performed by our highly skilled and experienced staff. Donors receive payment each time they donate plasma.

To help ensure the safety of the donor, a medical history will be recorded at each donation,
and a physical exam will be performed annually.

Kamada Plasma staff member and plasma donor

On A Mission to Save Lives

Do you have the desire to help save the lives of newborn babies and people exposed to deadly diseases such as Rabies? You may possess vital plasma that can do just that! There is a critical shortage of qualified and committed plasma donors, who are essential for making lifesaving plasma therapies.

Kamada Plasma staff member talking with a plasma donor

Over 50 Years of Experience in Plasma Collection

Kamada Plasma is one of only a few specialty plasma collection centers in the United States. Kamada Plasma is licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and IQPP certified by the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA).

FDA Approved
Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association
CLIA Certified

I have been donating twice a week for close to 20 years because I wanted to make a commitment to help pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. The employees here are cheerful and have always treated me like family!

-Clyde Sonnier, Port Arthur, TX

Clyde Sonnier, Kamada Plasma donation participant
Sara Richards, Kamada Plasma recipient

After difficulties early in my pregnancy, I was sent to receive the first of three injections for Rh incompatibility with my unborn baby. I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and I am so thankful for the life-saving plasma donations made to create the RH-antibody injections.

-Sara Richards, Sour Lake, TX